The Celtic Faire, Angels Camp
March 11, 2007

Our first Faire of the year... We haven't made costumes yet but have designs and are planning a costume construction gathering in the near future. In the mean time we had fun at Celtic Faire...

Well, I went though the pictures and have posted the ones I found to be the most interesting. I have posted the videos of the Belly Dancers as well. I apologize for the delay but I have another web site, that is a commercial site and that does take priority... I have more pictures but as I said, these were the best...
-The Kid

P1010232.JPG (203074 bytes)
The obligatory pre-trip portrait 
P1010233.JPG (208565 bytes)
Fusillade of musket fire
welcoming us to the faire
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P1010249.JPG (277854 bytes) P1010253.JPG (284011 bytes) P1010254.JPG (362590 bytes) P1010257.JPG (198288 bytes) P1010261.JPG (260933 bytes)
Interesting Drum
P1010265.JPG (180177 bytes) P1010268.JPG (321945 bytes) P1010269.JPG (335188 bytes) P1010272.JPG (271006 bytes) P1010289.JPG (227772 bytes)
P1010275.JPG (274824 bytes)
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and her Ensemble
P1010276.JPG (232596 bytes) P1010278.JPG (180426 bytes) P1010280.JPG (295602 bytes) P1010285.JPG (273438 bytes)
P1010290.JPG (239360 bytes) P1010291.JPG (135141 bytes) P1010292.JPG (123443 bytes) P1010297.JPG (182332 bytes)
Ye Olde mini ice cream cone
P1010298.JPG (156145 bytes)
P1010299.JPG (228620 bytes) P1010301.JPG (332817 bytes) P1010321.JPG (338577 bytes)
Ye Olde choker shoppe
P1010334.JPG (189920 bytes)
Ye Olde credit card up-link
P1010719.JPG (2470832 bytes)
Here are the Noble Knights and their contest


P1010327.JPG (212090 bytes) KP1010340.JPG (308059 bytes) P1010343.JPG (307621 bytes) P1010347.JPG (2354873 bytes) KP1010817.JPG (416698 bytes)
P1010352.JPG (787634 bytes) KP1010356.JPG (339512 bytes) KP1010357.JPG (455016 bytes) KP1010361.JPG (235662 bytes)
Though I took many pictures of her I wasn't quite able to capture this lady's inner light
KP1010366.JPG (297244 bytes) KP1010382.JPG (383987 bytes) KP1010424.JPG (438905 bytes) KP1010428.JPG (388047 bytes)
The Queen at Court
KP1010925.JPG (560055 bytes)
Here we have

KP1010443.JPG (416106 bytes)
KP1010495.JPG (389396 bytes)
Chris Yates, juggler, joker and all around bad egg!
KP1010509.JPG (397547 bytes) KP1010521.JPG (393640 bytes)
KP1010579.JPG (722409 bytes)
As Chris says,
"Red Hair - Not Nice!"
KP1010580a.JPG (647370 bytes)
He's a tricky one, he is!
KP1010607.JPG (300888 bytes) P1010625a.JPG (653771 bytes)
KP1010639.JPG (242559 bytes) KP1010651a.JPG (172049 bytes) KP1010660a.JPG (158724 bytes) KP1010665.JPG (453411 bytes)
You can see a shot of this faire lady on the Folsom Faire page.
P1010669a.JPG (477204 bytes) KP1010681a.JPG (304588 bytes) KP1010827.JPG (428134 bytes)
Here we have a lone dancer, not part of the Sierra group. She took some very good photos...
KP1010844.JPG (417186 bytes)
KP1010849.JPG (446749 bytes) KP1010852.JPG (455690 bytes) KP1010862.JPG (520778 bytes) KP1010875.JPG (546674 bytes)
KP1010877.JPG (535608 bytes) KP1010887.JPG (576557 bytes) KP1010890.JPG (364721 bytes) KP1010899.JPG (354927 bytes)
Fellow onlookers watching the Sierra Spirals


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