The Folsom Renaissance Faire
October 22, 2006

We didn't get to the Northern California Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta this year and had to fulfill our yearning for a stroll through history so we went to Folsom for our journey through time and space...

DSCF1005.JPG (785505 bytes)
In the car and looking forward to the day and the adventure
DSCF1009.JPG (670100 bytes)
The parking brake works
DSCF1011.JPG (439897 bytes)
She was the first lady I came to as we entered
DSCF1012.JPG (540655 bytes) DSCF1014.JPG (362053 bytes)
Marilyn and John
DSCF1015.JPG (541556 bytes)
Hand catapults and trebuchets
DSCF1016.JPG (265393 bytes) DSCF1019.JPG (655613 bytes)
Sally and I wear medallions made on their "Drop Hammer Coin Mint"
DSCF1020.JPG (731734 bytes)
The Drop Hammer Coin Mint
DSCF1021.JPG (553591 bytes)
I just love her hair
DSCF1022.JPG (689762 bytes) DSCF1023.JPG (496788 bytes)
Very pretty
DSCF1025.JPG (590380 bytes)
Free hugs
DSCF1026.JPG (475362 bytes)
And a delightful tip "jar"
DSCF1027.JPG (518113 bytes)
This fine lady is demonstrating her spinning wheel for these visitors
DSCF1029.JPG (638204 bytes)
A close inspection will reveal that the furry pet is stuffed
DSCF1031.JPG (329647 bytes)
A very nice smile
DSCF1035.JPG (408884 bytes) DSCF1036.JPG (497887 bytes)
(The travelocity gnome?)
DSCF1037.JPG (708135 bytes)
DSCF1039.JPG (643897 bytes)
All sorts of wonderful victuals
DSCF1041.JPG (512095 bytes)
Belly dancers
DSCF1042.JPG (519682 bytes)
A pair of very large rocking horses
DSCF1044.JPG (311002 bytes)
The lady on the left has apparently just participated in a wet bodice contest
DSCF1046.JPG (961819 bytes)
The Dauntless has run aground
DSCF1047.JPG (644214 bytes)
They've come to watch the joust
DSCF1048.JPG (593786 bytes)
As have we
DSCF1055.JPG (268029 bytes)
The emcee
DSCF1068.JPG (282398 bytes)
The contest
DSCF1073.JPG (598704 bytes)
They left their handbag at the joust but we were able to return it to them
DSCF1075.JPG (610174 bytes) DSCF1076.JPG (334612 bytes)
Such a lucky tree
DSCF1077.JPG (522500 bytes)
The concourse
DSCF1078.JPG (235390 bytes)
Modern weaponry
DSCF1079.JPG (318113 bytes)
A family gathering
DSCF1080.JPG (583515 bytes) DSCF1082.JPG (463128 bytes) DSCF1084.JPG (450849 bytes) DSCF1087.JPG (669638 bytes)
The ladies appear to be manifesting obeisance to their lord liege 
DSCF1088.JPG (523154 bytes)
DSCF1089.JPG (476354 bytes) DSCF1091.JPG (282454 bytes) DSCF1095.JPG (301431 bytes)
A damsel with her own blade
DSCF1096.JPG (381353 bytes)
The court
DSCF1097.JPG (458187 bytes)
This lady was showing a prospective customer the finer points of her gossamer
DSCF1098.JPG (406242 bytes) DSCF1101.JPG (628494 bytes)
We especially liked this show
DSCF1103.JPG (274310 bytes) DSCF1105.JPG (496720 bytes) DSCF1107.JPG (392669 bytes)
DSCF1110.JPG (555854 bytes) DSCF1112.JPG (440408 bytes) DSCF1113.JPG (431096 bytes) DSCF1114.JPG (233809 bytes) DSCF1115.JPG (417588 bytes)
DSCF1116.JPG (502831 bytes)
I had to include this picture
DSCF1121.JPG (412719 bytes)
The young juggler was very skilled and the audience was very appreciative
DSCF1124.JPG (423726 bytes) DSCF1125.JPG (535214 bytes) DSCF1127.JPG (429156 bytes)
Trying her own gossamer, in black. She also has a wonderful smile but regrettably that image was not in focus...
DSCF1129.JPG (654722 bytes) DSCF1131.JPG (559029 bytes) DSCF1132.JPG (151922 bytes) DSCF1133.JPG (697824 bytes)
The Naughty Minstrels
DSCF1135.JPG (528585 bytes)
DSCF1136.JPG (644117 bytes) DSCF1137.JPG (648872 bytes)
Marilyn loves dragons
DSCF1138.JPG (566213 bytes) DSCF1139.JPG (666615 bytes) DSCF1140.JPG (426534 bytes)
The King and Queen of the Faire
DSCF1141.JPG (623714 bytes)   DSCF1144.JPG (550269 bytes)
I was able to make the town crier stop crying and laugh...
  DSCF1146.JPG (678551 bytes)

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