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Never Solo tri-tip feed 7/9/05

 First, let me apologize, I didn't have much advance warning, and due to that, I had other obligations that day. My friend Steve left a message on my voice mail saying that this was going down. I literally got dressed, grabbed my gear and rode out. I rode into Snelling and found the crew at Bud's Place taking a break before riding out to La Grange. I was kind of expecting to see Steve among the group and thought he might already be up at La Grange... so after taking a few pictures I headed out. I got to La Grange and found that I was actually early, duh!... Kinda pressed for time I thought I would ride back to Snelling, get some more shots of the scooters and the group, then head back to the barn... not realizing that one of the best shots of the day was riding straight for me at that very moment. I saw the procession roll by me w/ my camera in the case... I was soooo bummed. Next time... give me some notice and I promise I will get some screaming shots...

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DSCF2449.JPG (310150 bytes) Bill and friends
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Joe and Delila and their Sporty, I love those pipes
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This custom is pretty spectacular...
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Wheel detail...
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DSCF2455.JPG (289765 bytes) Reserved parking...
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Free Satellite TV!

I would like to extend my respects to the brothers of Never Solo and my appreciation to them for letting me take some pictures. I hope you enjoy them.
- Kid Stratocaster

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