Modesto Sports Bar and Grill
Bike Night

3:00 pm a friend said that he was going to Bike Night in Modesto... well I'm up for that. A quick bite and a shower later Steve C and Franchise show up. With a word of caution from my loving wife w/ regard to alcohol consumption we are off. Steve in his '05 Systemobile, Franchise on his Minja and me. Riding into the setting sun from Merced to Modesto we got there and Tamran, the cute bartender served Steve a Red Bull and grey goose vodka whatever ya callit and Franchise had a gin and tonic. A sizable contingent of the Hooligans MC were present and indicated that Wednesday night at the Sports Bar is somewhat low key and they usually hang, sipping and chilling. There was a Cover Model contest going off later but the parking ordinance says you gotta park somewhere else starting at 10 PM. I took this as my cue to ride...

The Three Amigos
DSCF3386.JPG (479800 bytes)
The Red Bull and Vodka was a taste to be acquired
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DSCF3393.JPG (711736 bytes)
Believe it or not Franchise has not taken a sip yet!
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Tricia, Kelly, Amanda and Laura are from Modesto, Modesto, Oakdale and Modesto respectively.
DSCF3395.JPG (717626 bytes)
These ladies were very cordial and agreed to pose w/ the posse
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Tamran, our bartender was friendly too
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Here is a flyer, front and back for the venue
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Free Satellite TV!

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