One Jammin Wedding!

Greg and Star
April 15th, 2006

Our friend Pam, invited my wife and I to her son's wedding. The wedding was held on the steps of the old county courthouse in Merced and the reception was held at the Mainzer theater. Below you will find the pictures and video clips we captured at the wedding and at the reception that followed.

DSCF4755.JPG (640433 bytes)
The courthouse
DSCF4757.JPG (375015 bytes)
Darren playing before the Ceremony
DSCF4758.JPG (387088 bytes)
Pam and Sally
DSCF4759.JPG (707362 bytes)
The courthouse steps
DSCF4760.JPG (332354 bytes)
Greg and Star
DSCF4762.JPG (208492 bytes)
Some younger attendees
DSCF4766.JPG (736033 bytes)
The guest book
DSCF4786.JPG (624863 bytes)
The table setting, very nice!
DSCF4781.JPG (384811 bytes)
The M&Ms has their names printed on them. (We ate them all...)
DSCF4784.JPG (390363 bytes)
The roses were beautiful!
DSCF4779.JPG (523475 bytes) DSCF4788.JPG (497670 bytes)
Sally and I
DSCF4789.JPG (581413 bytes)
The cake
DSCF4793.JPG (309905 bytes)
The Bride and Groom
DSCF4806.JPG (441564 bytes) DSCF4811.JPG (298032 bytes)
Having some cake


Here is a compilation of some video clips from the festivities ...

Free Satellite TV!

We wish to express our most sincere congratulations to Greg and his new bride Star and our appreciation to Pam for inviting us to share their happiness!

- The Old Man

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