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Wednesdays are always BIKE NITE at
The Starting Gate!!

I wasn't able to attend on May 24th but was able to come over on the 31st. As usual the nice folks raffled off a whole bunch of stuff and lots and lots of people showed up. The sun was setting as we arrived so the pics of the bikes were not as clear as I would have liked, next week I will try to be a little more prompt. We saw some of the folks we met last time and met some folks we hadn't. Next week will be the Annual Bike Nite so be sure not to miss it, it's the big one!!! Anyway... here ya go, the pictures we took this last Wednesday. As ever, while you're here you might want to check out my other pages with Biker content.
-The Kid

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Here's Keith demonstrating his product...
DSCF5982.JPG (694650 bytes)
The results..., he also used it on the aluminum parts to get great results on those as well!
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The girls liked the second picture better but I couldn't decide...
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Russ doin'  his thing
DSCF6022.JPG (112601 bytes)
DSCF6018.JPG (228858 bytes)
Daisy Rock
DSCF6020.JPG (383929 bytes)
And Colleen
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