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Wednesdays are always BIKE NITE at
The Starting Gate!!

Annual BIKE NITE was a whole lot of fun. The bikes were beautiful. As usual we met some really nice people and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. There were some vendors out and I have included the contact information I was able to capture. There was even a couple of Funny Cars  I want to express our sincere appreciation to the management for a very nice event.  As ever, while you're here you might want to check out my other pages with Biker content.
-The Kid

DSCF6088.JPG (501539 bytes)
This gentleman parked next to me and was the first shot I got as I arrived. Next frame is the detail of his front fender.
DSCF6092.JPG (149097 bytes) DSCF6091.JPG (198242 bytes)
This is one of the funnycars as they located it in front of the club.
DSCF6093.JPG (399891 bytes)
The front as folks were arriving.
DSCF6094.JPG (395513 bytes)
DSCF6095.JPG (144931 bytes) DSCF6097.JPG (697313 bytes) DSCF6100.JPG (504529 bytes)
The cars in front of the club.
DSCF6101.JPG (686954 bytes) DSCF6102.JPG (632794 bytes)
DSCF6104.JPG (697231 bytes) DSCF6105.JPG (583563 bytes) DSCF6106.JPG (680201 bytes) DSCF6107.JPG (759548 bytes) DSCF6108.JPG (791406 bytes)
DSCF6109.JPG (746674 bytes) DSCF6110.JPG (621080 bytes) DSCF6111.JPG (741078 bytes) DSCF6112.JPG (615000 bytes) DSCF6113.JPG (638178 bytes)
DSCF6114.JPG (525780 bytes) DSCF6115.JPG (787167 bytes) DSCF6116.JPG (521676 bytes) DSCF6117.JPG (500877 bytes) DSCF6118.JPG (522817 bytes)
DSCF6119.JPG (755812 bytes) DSCF6120.JPG (763822 bytes) DSCF6121.JPG (564732 bytes) DSCF6123.JPG (462638 bytes) DSCF6124.JPG (572468 bytes)
DSCF6156.JPG (687349 bytes) DSCF6128.JPG (569580 bytes) DSCF6129.JPG (662439 bytes) DSCF6132.JPG (657630 bytes) DSCF6130.JPG (647137 bytes)
DSCF6131.JPG (647049 bytes) DSCF6133.JPG (371610 bytes) DSCF6134.JPG (581427 bytes) DSCF6135.JPG (504212 bytes) DSCF6141.JPG (272472 bytes)
The Waterless Car Wash folks are sponsoring a race car. 
The next frame is a video clip of some folks arriving. At the end Narciso can be seen.
DSCF6136.JPG (508757 bytes) DSCF6143.JPG (392745 bytes) Narciso.jpg (16388 bytes)
Narciso did the paintwork for the bike in the previous frames.
DSCF6149.JPG (681782 bytes) DSCF6165.JPG (770055 bytes)
The bikes were in so close here it was difficult to get a good shot of this Panhead.
DSCF6155.JPG (707192 bytes) DSCF6127.JPG (551948 bytes)
I thought this Knucklehead was very clean.
DSCF6160.JPG (754498 bytes)
Apparently I wasn't the only one as is seen later in the evening.
DSCF6161.JPG (731363 bytes) DSCF6162.JPG (561468 bytes)
DSCF6164.JPG (753865 bytes) DSCF6150.JPG (440801 bytes) DSCF6152.JPG (621974 bytes) DSCF6166.JPG (435088 bytes)
The rep for Briggs Paint. Their card is in the next frame, front and rear.
PaintbyBriggs.jpg (46983 bytes)
DSCF6145.JPG (97169 bytes)
Gene here was nice enough to move over a seat to allow my wife and I to sit together.
DSCF6144.JPG (152388 bytes)
And these nice folks sat on our other side.
DSCF6168.JPG (61764 bytes)
One of the crew at the gate...
DSCF6170.JPG (109383 bytes)
And this nice lady was working behind the counter.
DSCF6167.JPG (158716 bytes)
DSCF6171.JPG (91230 bytes)
Artwork on one of the servers.
DSCF6172.JPG (110537 bytes) flyer.jpg (55053 bytes) DSCF6187.JPG (116942 bytes) DSCF6190.JPG (139407 bytes)
DSCF6192.JPG (191696 bytes) DSCF6189.JPG (137339 bytes) BruceButler.jpg (44585 bytes) DSCF6181.JPG (131360 bytes)
Weekly winner
DSCF6183.JPG (157427 bytes)
DSCF6177.JPG (156009 bytes)
Third place in the annual
DSCF6179.JPG (150645 bytes)
Second place in the annual
DSCF6180.JPG (147038 bytes) DSCF6188.JPG (235015 bytes)

DSCF6191.JPG (165859 bytes)
First place!

Free Satellite TV!

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