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Wednesdays are always BIKE NITE at
The Starting Gate!!

Bike Nite is always fun and you get to meet the nicest folks. This night Randy and I rode down a little early to get the light while we were taking photos. I took some photos and then went in for the Super Nachos. We shared a table with two Hawg Divas. I told one that I saw her coming from a block away... the rhinestones on her helmet looked like it was lit up with neon... There were several scooters worth mentioning... a couple of knuckle heads, a '59 flathead trike and a panhead and the usual assortment of really nice bikes, some included due to the paint work and some included due to upgrades... I liked the Sporty with a hypercharger and the Pittsburgh Steeler bike... (my brother-in-law is going to go crazy over that one... The paint work alone cost more that I originally paid for my sporty ..) The band was very good... you can hear them doing "Brown Eyed Girl" in the video clips I'm posting. (I'm married to one so I better post it!!!) Due to an early appointment I had to take off  before the raffle started but you can see the pile of prizes to be awarded on the table in the band shot...
As ever, while you're here you might want to check out my other pages with Biker content.
-The Kid

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My sporty with the larger tank... Though the sentiments are universal
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Jennifer requested some cropping and so this picture has been modified, they're not really all the same height

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